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2016 APSA Comparative Politics Symposium


In April 2016, the Comparative Politics section of the American Political Science Association featured a symposium on DA-RT. The symposium features many articles by DA-RT critics and skeptics. It also features an article by DA-RT organizers Colin Elman and Arthur Lupia (see pp. 44-52).


The symposium's introductory article, by newsletter editors Matt Golder and Sona Golder, begins with a brief review of the history of the project dating back to 2010 and then describes the debate and organized blacklash that began in 2015. The editors bring to light a number of historical documents about how various DA-RT policies came to be. 


The article ends with a section entitled "Three Myths About DA-RT." It is a fair and thorough examination of key claims made about what DA-RT is and is not. We thank the editors for assembling a group of spirited articles that collectively clarify the different ways in which researchers have viewed our discipline's recent attention to important matters of transparency and openness.


See the complete symposium here:

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