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2015 QMMR Symposium


In the Spring 2015 edition of the Qualitative and Multi-Method Research Newsletter, editors Tim Buthe (Duke University) and Alan M. Jacobs (University of British Columbia) assembled a deep and wide ranging collection of essays on implications of transparency for Qualitative and Multi-Method research. The authors see the transparency issue from multiple perspectives and in different ways. Some see transparency as a way to increase the credibility and legitimacy of different kinds of qualitative and multimethod research. Some see new transparency as making valuable types of work more difficult to conduct and publish. Others see the move to transparency as part of a larger conspiracy against qualitative methods. Others claim that many of the rationales offered for greater transparency do not apply to their kind of work. The introduction and concluding essays by Buthe and Jacobs reflect this range of opinions within the QMMR community and use them to offer many interesting ideas for individual scholars who want to understand implications of greater transparency for their work as well as constructive suggestions for organizations that are considering what, if any, position to take in evolving conversations about DA-RT and related projects. 




Link to the QMMR Symposium


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