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TOP (Transparency and Openness Promotion) Guidelines


In July of 2015, the Center for Open Science produced a new initiative called the TOP (Transparency and Openness Promotion) Guidelines. The guidelines were produced by a multidisciplinary team including a number of DA-RT scholars, publishers, and archivists. These guidelines identify eight attributes of a research project on which greater transparency and openness can be pursued. For each attribute, different levels of openess and transparency are described. 


Following the example set by the DA-RT generated Journal Editors Transparency Statement (JETS), the Center for Open Science solicited support from journal editors and professional associations from across the scientific community. Over 500 journals and 50 professional associations have signed on to the TOP Guidelines. We are happy to support this effort and others like it that help scholars from diverse research approaches obtain greater credibility and legitimacy through an increase commitment to transparency.


Read more about the TOP Guidelines HERE.



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